A 2d turn-based strategy game loosely based on Slay/Antiyoy.

This project is from when I was first learning Unity. Don't judge!!!


  • When you start, the game board is split up into territories and no-mans-land. You are the tan colored player. Each territory has a house and a peasant. Select territories and units by clicking. Gold and income shown in top bar. You can see the different gold amounts for different territories by clicking a spot in the territory. . Mana is also shown but that’s not territory specific. 
  • Territories get +1 income each turn for each hex not occupied by a tree or a grave, and +2 for each house. They then pay upkeep for each unit. Units die when you don’t have enough income to maintain them, so it’s a good strategy to cut a territory in half I’m such a way that the smaller pieces can’t keep the units on them.
  • Territories can’t accrue money unless they have a house. So if all houses on a territory get destroyed, that territory is basically useless. 
  • If you capture a hex that joins two territories together, they will combine their money. This is usually a good idea since the combined territory is usually easier to defend than two split ones. 
  • You can move units by tapping them and tapping where to move. Moving to a different spot in the same territory doesn’t use up the unit’s turn, but capturing a new hex for the territory does, as does attacking an enemy or casting a spell. 
  • You can move to any hex adjacent to your current territory as long as it’s not protected by an enemy unit or building. Protected hexes become darker when you can’t move to them. You can still attack enemy units and buildings if theyre in a protected hex, so long as the attacking unit is right next to them. 
  • Units can’t protect hexes against a unit with a higher attack value. 
  • Move on top of trees or graves to cut them down/remove them. This is generally a good idea because you don’t get income for the hexes with trees or graves on them. 
  • Priests are special units that can cast spells. They are not as strong as their warrior counterparts but they produce mana each turn, which allows you to research and cast spells. 

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